keskiviikko 31. lokakuuta 2012

Angst hero

LoL I didn't write anything yesterday... So i'm gonna do it now. Day started normally, I visited my other character Tania and I spend time on her for a while doing the stable works and riding happily with Taka.
After that I went to school and when I came back I started to do stable works, and tracks on Nina.... failed so badly.. I was already pissed off but these tracks wanted to make me crazy. I got so mad and so on and I wanted to be alone 'cause I hate when someone's talking me like "aaw c'mon", it makes me more and more pissed than ever! So what I did was that I left the club with saying "En jaksa enää" witch means "I can't stand this no more". I was so mad for myself and I started to think why I even exists?
 Later I got a little bit better mood with listening Kelly Clarkson's song 'what doesn't kill you'. Ana asked me to join back to club and I was in that mood that I wanted to trick someone so I said Ana to tell clubbies that I'm not coming back to club and when we got some reactions I joined back and I was like "Haah!! Yo mothaf*ckers!" So... That's pretty much all, see ya guys!

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