maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2012

Filming feat. Ana & Mich

 Today I was filming some video clips with ana to my new video and the song is gonna be a finnish rap song from "Cheek" check it!
I tried to find english subtitles for this but I couldn't find anything, poor thing. It would be more nicer to you guys to know what the whole song says :'D. But I can say that It's full of nasty words and so on. So as I already said we filmed some clips and we didn't got all clips ready, so I think we're gonna finnish it tomorrow, we'll see. And something else? I got 6900 shillings for tracks and I bought a red hoody >w< It's so beautiful, then I bought something random fishing clothes that I've selled away for a long time ago. Tomorrow I'm gonna buy that fishing hat and I'm gonna show it to ya guys XD. It's gonna be epic! But there's nothing else I did today, but I think Minka hates me so much :c. I'm failing at those tracks all the time... Poor thing + I started to hate ewa, f**king little jumping course! But yeah, that's all today! Here's some pictures XD. Hopefully see ya tomorrow!

"Yo, slow rider!"

And conrats for our club "Night circus", it's 1 month old now XD. And it's been 3 weeks since I changed back to Nina for Tania ;_; I miss Taka so much!

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