sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

First post on english!

Finally! I got changed My language on this and I think we're gonna keep this. So... I'm just gonna post something what I did today, nothing special but... I have to try tell ya something on english, and I'm so gonna fail...
Day started normally, I was in the game 15:45 (?) in finnish time. I did all the stable works last night so I didn't got those at today at all. I started to do track normally, nothing special happened then. When I finished all tracks I started to take some photos in firgrove and It ended with flying around randomly.
After that I went to Valedale to get daytime to my game and I started to get pictures there and in Valedale Lake.
 Yeah... very interesting
And... after that I went to goldenhills to show two club members how I go some tracks XD and that's all I did today, I didn't got much time to do anything but it's okay. So here's my first blog text on english, I hope I didn't fail much with the words :P Cya!

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