keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Day of comedowns

 Today everything started normally, I was doing stable works and tracks normally as usually... Until Ana came in... we think someone's been hacking her chara... She lost all her stuffs, moneys and CLUB! First thing that I came in was like "Why I'm not in the club... well maybe some acsident and she kicked me" but no... With the clubbies we tried hopelessly find some answers more or less luckily, It was such pain in the ass.

After that I got a little bit lazy and I wanted to finish my quest, and Alice wanted to hang out with me, what a fun time. It's been so long since me and Allu spended some time together, thanks Alice!

After I've finished all my tracks and Allu left I started to do other things on my other chara (that's secret who). Later I came back to Nina and soon of that Ana came back, our club was so relieved about it.... I was all the time scaring that Ana will stop playing SSO, that would be the worst.

And when we got a little time, Ana created new club with same name, yay! Hopefully we can get our clubbies back soon, well that's all today, see ya!

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