keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

My Princess day

 Ya know the times when you just must get something? Well today I bought 909 sc, so this is my Princess day, I wanted just bought it... took me 20€, no it took it for my mom, lol. 'Cause I actually promised to pay pack to her and I didn't have to so actually I got it like a "gift" from my mom, but anyways....
 First I was doing jobs normally and the new quests, when I finished everything I was like "I want sc now!!!" And I asked for my mom tu buy some. Then It started...  when I normally got sc I spend 'em  all for something expensive, and I did it today too. I checked every shop from whole jorvik and I found pretty nice stuff so money's runned out really fast..

First I got 913 star coins and I put everything away from my inventory.

And Later I got all this stuff... wow >3<.

The rest of the day I just rided all over jorvik taking som pictures and I hanged out with clubbies in winery's new storage. Which was full of boxes and BARRELS!! But yeah... that's pretty much all I did today, hopefully I see ya soon, bye!! <3

Heres some pictures:

 Epic gallop position

 Ya let's fly...

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