sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012

This wasn't a mistake

Did the picture scared? HAH! I'm not joking that's my new hair XD. At night I decided that I want to be something different, I don't want those Pinta hair anymore, this is just what I wanted! And you don't like it? That's your problem then >:D.
Looks familiar? Steve's full of people... 'cause everyone got free sr for a weekend... So much people let's run away D:. I hate it when some of my favorite place is full of poeple like steve's farm, make it stop ;_; waah!!! Well... Good thing is that in monday it will calm down, only good thing. Dang these people are jumping over everything they see.
So... On today's blog text... let's try to do something XD. So I bought that hair thingy and make up, and I'm normal myself again. Well.. What should I tell... nothing special 'cause I did the quests at night. hmm.... all I have to tell ya guys that I was mostly taking pictures today and so on... I got some pictures of Tania too. but yeah I got nothing special in my mind at the moment so here's some pictures.

 Fire: Get the f*ck out of my saddle, yo!
 "LoL what is that?"
 I like trains \o3o/

 Fire..? What happened? O_O                               Wonderful ana! Can I try to do same?

Forever yours <3

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