sunnuntai 28. huhtikuuta 2013

Normal Day~~

 Yo! There's actually nothing to tell you, these weeks have been pretty boring in sso... but... Facebook -.-''
So let me talk first of all about that, I deleted my fb acc there so only way you can contact me on facebook is my sartern page,

But now, like I said this day was pretty normal. I tried to take pictures on tracks and so on and this is what I got:

 :/ I dunno what I'm doing in this one....
So yeah I really have nothing else to say or anything.

Here's some crappy random pic's...

sunnuntai 21. huhtikuuta 2013

New hooooooorse

Yes, yesterday I bought new horse, aaaand he got a name Darkknight but I call him "Niko", becuz.... my bff made me watch batman long time ago and I have few other accounts where are a horse named Darkknight so now I bought a black horse from valedale :3 And I did some other things, but anyways I don't have anything else.. but! I bought new hair what will happen in the serier :3 but yeah that's all, here ya go have some pictures.

torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

... whaat? o.o

Sorry I have been busy / lazy and ect. So I haven't write anything in two weeks (?)
Anyways!! As many players have seen the new horses have arrived last week,
and.... well I have nothing else to say about those. I Bought 2 horses and I will put some picture's of them in this post, + i've been training the other one a week now and it's on lvl 10, when I got this finished I start to train the other horse as well. Hmmm... Do I have anything else... YES I DO!!!
I'm starting to make a new serier in youtube go watch the trailer there, I've already filmed the half of the 1st episode, problem is that I need to wake up 6 in the morning to record the other part of the episode... but i'm not really a morning person, I usually like to stay up at night and that's why it's so hard to me. We'll see if I can get in recorded in some morning... :/ Maybe or maybe not. If I can't do that i'm going to use my "awesome" editing skills on vegas XDD. But anyways I don't have anything else to tell on ya. Here's some picture's of the past 2 weeks!

 This here is my little princess, Stargazer but I call her Tara :)

This one is Autumnrunner, but I call him Aatu. 

 I bought new hair that I'm gonna use in the serier

 Teasing Rose <3
 Me and Tara won our first rosette together, I was so proud of my little girl.

 Get ready! The Darkness is taking over the world!

:3 <3

Nothing else this time x3 Cya again!

keskiviikko 3. huhtikuuta 2013

Jelaous stalker

Stalking people on swedish server.... SSO we want new horses too, so unfair!!!
Seriously... Even that the swedish server is "offical" server, it's not fair to the other server's to wait the horses when swedish just can go and get these... SSO are you trolling us? :C
 pretty pale nose hole :----D
 I want this I want this I want!!! D:: waah
 This was so cool too *w*

Look at that mane!

In this picture I want that last one on the right side!! And of course I want that other black. I have already names ready for these two little horsies.


Hello there and welcome to Jorvikmare... 

yes where the he--- did I get name like that?
- First I was thinking just translate the old blog's name "Virtuaalikavio" to english version "Virtualhoof" but it sounded so silly so I was making funny with words, I got many ideas in my head and then I got idea to take words Nightmare and Jorvik and I put 'em together, so that's how I got this name, I have nothing else right now so... I will put a post soon!

ps. I'm fixing blog into full english, as you can see there's some finnish links, I will change those!

Hei kaikki!

Valitsimpas aiheeseen kuulumattoman kuvan kansiosta.... noh jokatapauksessa!!!
En tiedä tuleeko tää olemaan vaa hetken mielijohde... mutta kumminkin. Olen vaihtamassa jälleen clubin tekstikielen englanniksi, lisäksi pistän hahmoesittelyt kokonaan uusiksi, osittain tämä johtuu päivityksistä ja tulevista hevosista sekä olen nyt miettinyt hetken että pitäisikö taas kirjoitella enkuksi. Ekaksi ajattelin että luon toisen blogin jonne kirjoittelisin enkuksi ja jättäisin tämän suomenkielisesksi... mutta helkkari vieköön se veisi iän ja terveyden, joten olen nyt taas päätynyt tähän tilanteeseen :D

Elikkä alan tämän postauksen jälkeen muuttamaan sivua enkun kielelle, eli periaatteessa blogille ei muuta muutosta tapahdu kuin että hahmoesittely pannaan uusiksi ja blogi muuttuu enkun kieliseksi, eipä tässä muuta.

~ Nipa