keskiviikko 3. huhtikuuta 2013

Jelaous stalker

Stalking people on swedish server.... SSO we want new horses too, so unfair!!!
Seriously... Even that the swedish server is "offical" server, it's not fair to the other server's to wait the horses when swedish just can go and get these... SSO are you trolling us? :C
 pretty pale nose hole :----D
 I want this I want this I want!!! D:: waah
 This was so cool too *w*

Look at that mane!

In this picture I want that last one on the right side!! And of course I want that other black. I have already names ready for these two little horsies.

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  1. Now all lifetime star riders can have second horses (but only on swedish server -_-)
    When i wrote this to star stable:
    Can i be test rider?
    They wrote me:
    Hi Melissa,
    The testing is only on the Swedish server right now, since Star Stable is made in Sweden. Testing is done on this server because it’s the same language and in the same time zone. It’s easier to fix a problem when not everyone has access to it. If all goes well, everyone should have access to the horses next week.
    Thank you for your patience,
    Star Stable Facebook Team

    Unfair D<

    1. Argh! D: Hopefully it goes well so we will get those next week..

    2. Well, I understand you! I'm from Sweden and I'm playing on the swedish server. Since SSO is made in Sweden and their office is located in Stockholm, (Sweden's capital) then it's pretty clear that only the Swedish server got those horses before the others. If EVERY server on SSO would get those horses to test them, maybe that function would crash. Because it's a really big function! Yeah, I know. It's pretty unfair, but you just need to accept that. Now the horses are here, so why worry? :) And yes, everyone that's working on SSO are working really hard! They want it to be perfect and fun for EVERYONE :D Don't worry, the respect all of the players, even if it does not feel so. :3 Sorry for my bad English!

      //Rebecca c8

  2. Pakko nähdä nää uudet hevoset, pakko kirjautuu ruottalaiseen serveriin :D Mäkin kuolaan tuota kuvan oikeanlaitimmaista ponia, oliko sitä ruotsalaisessa pelissä ?

  3. OMG, en pääse vielä mun ruottalaisella käyttäjällä pintaan, ja rageen silleee! Haluun jo uusia hepoja x3 mut ihana uus blogi, kuten aina ;)