torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2013

... whaat? o.o

Sorry I have been busy / lazy and ect. So I haven't write anything in two weeks (?)
Anyways!! As many players have seen the new horses have arrived last week,
and.... well I have nothing else to say about those. I Bought 2 horses and I will put some picture's of them in this post, + i've been training the other one a week now and it's on lvl 10, when I got this finished I start to train the other horse as well. Hmmm... Do I have anything else... YES I DO!!!
I'm starting to make a new serier in youtube go watch the trailer there, I've already filmed the half of the 1st episode, problem is that I need to wake up 6 in the morning to record the other part of the episode... but i'm not really a morning person, I usually like to stay up at night and that's why it's so hard to me. We'll see if I can get in recorded in some morning... :/ Maybe or maybe not. If I can't do that i'm going to use my "awesome" editing skills on vegas XDD. But anyways I don't have anything else to tell on ya. Here's some picture's of the past 2 weeks!

 This here is my little princess, Stargazer but I call her Tara :)

This one is Autumnrunner, but I call him Aatu. 

 I bought new hair that I'm gonna use in the serier

 Teasing Rose <3
 Me and Tara won our first rosette together, I was so proud of my little girl.

 Get ready! The Darkness is taking over the world!

:3 <3

Nothing else this time x3 Cya again!

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  1. Hei Nipsu, ajattelin nyt kysyä, että pääsisinkö sinne teijän clubii mukaan? Kun tapasin tänään Rossun ja kysyin siltä että onko Kira Mcstone ( siis se jonka kanssa riitelin Firre nimen takia ) niin siellä clubissa, ni Rossu sano että ei oo. Ja ajattelin kun siellä sun clubissa on tosipaljon mun vanhoja kavereita, ja kaipaan teijä seuraa :(