keskiviikko 22. toukokuuta 2013

Update (8 Immah weeaboo~~

Yay! I promiced to make blog today ^u^ So Here it is!
So what came one update? Well... Quests, 8 places to horses (yaaay I can buy 2 horses more ^.^) and some new stuff in the wineyard garden and... well I didn't kinda like 'em at all :| Looked like some old lady would wear that, lol!

 Oh fuck.... I have bad feeling of this....
Did someone say "chainsaw" >8)

After I finished quests I went to the Firgrove champ that I did well but in the last jump I jumped wrong and I lost my 1st place and I gave up... Dammit D:.
 Just posing like an idiot
 It looked good until.....

After that I went to train Lulu to lvl 7 and after that I took Niko out of the stables, I haven't ride on my black badass since the last update, then I tried to race with him... failed too, goldenhills champ always buggs me somehow and that goddam scarecrow jumps out of nowhere and then my horse stops and other just gallop right though me D: Not funny at all.

 Easy there~~
 D: Hey!! That was my 1st ;n; *sobbing*
Hmm... Isac is looking me on funny way ._. What ya got in mind boy?

After that I went to Annie's acc and I did some druid quests ectect. c:

 Social butterfly... YOLO :DDD

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