torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

Woop woop!

Sorry I have been LAZY! Again so I haven't posted much, ANYWAAAYYS that's so mainstream that I start almous every post like this XD Sorry guys <3.

So what happened? New quests ^_^ This time we're building circus... oh shhhhhh.... Ana I know that ur going crazy <.<''. But yeah i'm building that.... 
Derp, looking so random... + who's dat girl behind? o.o

AND FINALLY mod's have answered to my post that I lost 40 € when I ordered 20 € star coins, I hope they will give me something replacement, but yeah I don't have anything else (AGAIN) so it's bye now~~

//whoa what happened to that text???? o_o
 I want this >8(

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  1. Nipaa, onko sulla uutta clubia? o.o kun aattelin et jos ei oo ni voisin ite tehä...