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Interview for the opening of the Harvest Counties!

In anticipation of the upcoming release of the Harvest Counties we have an interview with Marcus Thorell, the Pixel Tales Game Director who is responsible for Star Stable Online, to answer a few questions about the exciting new area!

Hello Marcus! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! We have heard the exciting news that a new area will be opening at the end of October?
- Through the summer and fall the whole team has been working hard to complete the new area on the island in the South-West corner of Jorvik. The new area is called The Harvest Counties and one of the new exciting places you will be able to visit will be the long awaited Jorvik Stables. It is very exciting for the whole team to be able to finally share the Harvest Counties with the players and we hope everyone really likes it!

New area: The Harvest Counties
New area: The Harvest Counties

How big is the new area and what can players expect to find there?
- This is the biggest single addition we have ever made to Star Stable since the game launched and there was an amazing number of things that had to be put in place so that the new area would work well and be a great new game experience! It is very important to us that the players enjoy the new content and we really want to live up to everyone’s expectations. The players will get to enjoy a fantastically beautiful new countryside landscape with rustic buildings and get to meet a bunch of exciting new characters. It has been possible (since the last weekly update) to be able to see how big the new area is on the world map.

The Harvest Counties is filled with new fantastic content. There are a lot of new characters to get to know, lots of brand new buildings to visit, new landscape to explore, and of course the historic city of Jarlaheim. The Harvest Counties even has new custom composed music never heard before in Star Stable. Right from the beginning the players will have access to new exciting quests, a challenging race, lots of new stores, and much more!

Wow! That sounds pretty exciting! Is the main story going to continue here?
- The story is definitely going to continue here when the players become more familiar with the area and get to know the new characters. Exactly how the story will continue, I don’t want to give away here. But I think some of the players who have played through all of the existing quests in the main storyline might have some pretty good guesses about what might happen next…

New area: The Harvest Counties
New area: The Harvest Counties

Which players are going to have access to the Havest Counties?
- Unlike when we released Golden Hills Valley (where you needed to be level 12 to enter the area) this time we have decided that all Star Riders who are at least Level 4 are going to be able to get in. We want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy the beautiful new area right away!

We probably could have guessed there might be quests to do before the players can enter the new area. Can we hint that the broken bridge over the river by Nilmer’s Highland might be involved in that?
- That would be right! We are going to release a group of exciting quests where the players will get to help in repairing the bridge that for now is the only way to get to the Harvest Counties. Everyone is going to want to explore the Harvest Counties on release day so we are going to start the “repair the bridge” quests the week before. If you complete the repair assignments every day during the week you will be able to go straight into the Harvest Counties on opening day. Good luck!

What can we look forward to in the coming year?
- We are looking forward to a very exciting year as Star Stable is going to continue to be developed with new features, more quests, and beautiful horses. The main story is going to continue and the players are going to note that Linda, Alex, Lisa and Anne are going to have more prominent roles. We don’t want to say too much right now, but something big is going to happen!

Thank you for the interview Marcus!

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